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When it comes to the beauty of the dining room, chandeliers only make sense. They are the source of mood setter and a conversational piece for your guests. Chandeliers are of various types and designs. You must be familiar with all if you are going to add one or more. Lightning chandeliers are a gesture of modern elegance. Mostly you have noticed them in every ballroom, hotel or mall. These days, chandeliers are frequently installed in living rooms for a sophisticated look. If you have enough high ceilings, you should go for an enchanting chandelier. Every size does not fit all. Each type of chandelier imparts an addendum to a various range of styles. It’s best to get complete information about the chandelier before shop.


Chandeliers are of different types based on designs, shapes, materials used, style and function.

  • Based on designs:

Modern example sky bang chandelier. Their wooden style is adorable.

  • Contemporary have stylish edge cutting design. Best for living room.
  • Rustic design made of iron and wood rods with Edison bulbs attached.
  • Craftsman design resembles the rustic chandelier and offers appealing lightning.


  • Based on shapes:

Chandeliers are of numerous shapes. It is because of multiple arms. They may be

  • Rounded
  • Rectangular
  • In the form of clusters
  • Sputnik
  • Caged
  • Global
  • Beaded


  • Based on materials used:

You should also be familiar with the materials. Selecting a style is not enough. You should be aware of your desire if you want a metallic one or a glass-made chandelier. The most-effective materials used are bronze, brass, gold and chrome.


  • Based on function:

You must be aware of how lightning affects your living room.

  • Up light design reflects the light upward illumining the whole area.
  • Downlight design reflects the light downward, focused and ambient.
  • Fencing lightning design reflects diffused light that is non-directional.

Top 3 things that should be under consideration while selecting a chandelier.

  • Installation technique:

A chandelier should be installed in the centre of a room. Why? It offers a 360-degree view and imparts an aesthetic feeling. Its light is dispersed evenly all around as centrally positioned. Furthermore, it delivers perfect symmetry and visual balanced when installed in the centre.

  • Height of the area:

If you have high ceilings, you must go for the chandelier without a second thought. The perfect height is about 30 inches above the dining table so that the people around will not get a glimmer in their eyes. Consider the height balance for each room. As lights will lose their appealing effect when they block the view.

  • Check the brightness of a chandelier:

Conceder the brightness output first while selecting a chandelier. It depends on a square foot of the area. For 100 sq feet, there is a need for around 300 – 400 total lumens. You should be smart in this context.

You can opt for chandelier lighting for your business too, the sole source of ambient light layering. Here you go with complete information about chandeliers. Visit the best chandelier warehouses for your home and business now.

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