Custom LED Signs and Interior Office LED Lights

With our extensive range of custom LED signs and interior office LED lights, you can transform your workspace into a captivating and productive setting that leaves a lasting impression on Visitors, clients, and employees.

At Discount Led, we understand the power of effective signage in conveying your brand message. Our custom LED signs are catchy, vibrant, and customizable. Whether you need illuminated company logos, engaging digital displays, or directional signs, our expert team can bring your vision to life. With advanced LED technology, our signs offer energy efficiency, longevity, and exceptional visual impact, making them a smart investment for any office space.

When it comes to interior office lighting, we believe that a well-lit environment strengthens productivity and supports employee well-being. Our interior office LED lights are carefully selected to provide optimal illumination while minimizing glare and shadows. We offer a variety of lighting options. Our LED lights are energy-efficient & also offer customizable color temperature and dimming capabilities, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your office space.

Our interior office LED lights are specifically tailored to meet the demands of modern workspaces. From open-plan offices to meeting rooms and executive suites, we have the perfect lighting solutions to enhance productivity and comfort. We promise to help you achieve an office environment that inspires creativity and fosters success. Explore our range of products and make your office space inspirational.

One stops interior lighting store for interiors

Having office interior upgrade project? We are a perfect fit for you to check out.

DiscountLED is offering you the top quality LED interior lights with the best range of products and more. We let you have the ultimate lights for all interior rooms and locations. You can grab the best from interior light bulbs to hanging lights, installations and even interior LED signs. It is about revamping your office interior to a whole new level.

Whole new office as affordable pricing

At DiscountLED, you can find all the LED interior lights at the best pricing. We let you make your LED interior project affordable and enjoyable for you. Change your regular lights to LED and save money on your electric bill and add more appeal to the overall ambiance.

The Led interior makes your professional place more presentable and subtle. It never let you feel out of place and gives it a more professional appeal. The best part of buying the interior light bulbs from DiscountLED is the affordable prices. We are always cheaper than the competitors. Being a discount store, you do not have to wait for our sales or offers as we are always giving you the benefits.

Interior Products

Our premium range for interior and office are lightning up your indoors at its best. These are a perfect for all kind of interior designs. You can find the limitless options to add more grace to your indoor light settings.

New Arrivals
  • New Arrivals

LED Cabinet light (Pack of 3)

Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, 3 PCS LED Strip Lights with easy to install, Dimmable for Kitchen Cabinet, Counter, Shelf,

2×2 Panel CCT

Features cETLus, CE, RoHS, DLC and FCC Certificates. Input Voltage 100-277VAC, High CRI. Designed for 50,000 hours life time with


• 6 watts (Equals 75W) • 100 lumens • Efficacy: 100 lm/W • ≥50000 Hours life • CRI: ≥80 • Power factor: ≥0.5 • Standard E12 base • 3 year limited warranty

115W LED Corn Bulb

The corn bulb has a mesmerizing shape that closely resembles a computer mouse. The bulb incorporates a large number of diodes for emitting lights.

75W LED Corn Bulb

These bulbs emit a broad spectrum of light that will lighten up dark space in no time. They get made using quality material and are bound to last long.

54W LED Corn Bulb

These bulbs are inexpensive and super easy to maintain. Plus, they have an extensive lifespan and will offer lasting brightness for a long time to come.

36W LED Corn Bulb

These Corn Bulbs perfectly substitute the HID lamps. 36W bulbs are undoubtedly energy-efficient and have a lower replacement cost.

150W LED Corn Bulb

The 150W Corn Bulb makes use of quality LED chips that have the appropriate color rendering index. There is covering on the diodes to offer adequate protection from dust and insects.

120W LED Corn Bulb

The unique shape of this bulb will entice you into purchasing this bulb. It has more units of power in comparison to the 100W LED bulb.

100W LED Corn Bulb

The light emitting diodes are perfectly assembled on the metal structure. These bulbs strong resemble corn kernels and emit a huge amount of light.

80W LED Corn Bulb

Do you want perfect illumination? The 80 W LED Corn Bulb will light up your room in no time. It is compact and easily lasts for a period of about 5 years.

60W LED Corn Bulb

The 60 W bulbs are enclosed in a perfect fixture. The bulbs are safe to use for your industrial and commercial applications also.

How we make your interior different?

DiscountLED not only offers you the lights or bulbs but the interior LED signs. You can go advance with your office interior by adding signs to it. There is no need to put the printed signs on meeting rooms, exits, toilets and more.

There are LED signs available for all. You can have them to add more appeal in the office. It will make your place look like an advanced office that is more about having the best and modern outcomes. You can explore our products to find more solutions for your interior project and make it successful.

Give your office interior a complete make over!

Want to amaze your employees with an overnight transformation? It is time to check out our range of interior light bulbs and more. The range offers you to pick up the best options and fittings for your office lights.

We deliver you at the best speed and all lights are easy to install so you can actually give your employees an overnight surprise. The transformation will not take too long. You are at the right interior lighting store that fits to all your needs.

Why LED interior for your office?

At commercial office indoor lights are used heavily. These closed wall offices do not have natural light sources, so the electrical lights are in use. However, the convention lights consume more energy and emit more heat.

Switching to LET light bulbs will make the energy consumption efficient and reduce the heat emission. LED lights do not emit heat so it turns out to be a safe option for everyone. You can reduce your energy consumption on lights and even cooling systems at the same time. It is all about getting the right light installations.

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