Isn’t the light the same for every indoor place? And Is there even a whole process of choosing lights for an office? Yes, because people have always mistaken that lights have nothing to do with the space or interior of a workplace. Interior light bulbs are of various kinds, and it is crucial to ensure one has been investing in the right option for their office. Any workplaces require a proper setup and arrangements to maximize the productivity of their employees’ but organizations have never emphasized the importance of having adequate lighting. People have started installing Led light bulbs because of the increased benefits but have failed to choose the right one for their workplaces, leading to zero positive outcomes.  It is a part of organizational psychology that most of us miss out on that the physical appearance of the workplace affects the performance of the workers.


The overall appearance of the workplace is determined by the light installed because it decides whether the people are comfortable with the brightness, intensity, and color of the light to make sure they have ease during their work hours.

  1. Office light bulbs have to play an essential role because adequate light reduces eye problems and headaches, which allow people to work effectively.
  2. Dull lights can distract one during work hours because they reduce brightness and make them lazy, reducing their productivity.
  3. Installing colorful lights in a professional environment is a wrong choice because it can have a negative impact on professionals visiting. So, one should choose t5 light bulbs for a professional environment.
  4. Aesthetics in a workplace is also essential because it provides a motivated and lively environment to people to help them work with their full potential.

With numerous benefits, it has been made essential to choose the correct bulb for an office and which require few critical things to take into consideration which are as follows:

  1. Measure the size of an office to install the number of bulbs as per the need.
  2. Make sure lights have enough brightness to make things easily visible.
  3. Try using t5 light bulbs for a professional look.
  4. Place bulbs as per the computer placement to prevent reflections and shadows.
  5. Examine your workplace with attention to ensure workers are also exposed to natural light and not just bulbs.

By using suitable bulbs and keeping in mind the essential tips, one could maximize the potential of the employees, leading to their business growth.

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115W LED Corn Bulb

The corn bulb has a mesmerizing shape that closely resembles a computer mouse. The bulb incorporates a large number of diodes for emitting lights.

75W LED Corn Bulb

These bulbs emit a broad spectrum of light that will lighten up dark space in no time. They get made using quality material and are bound to last long.

54W LED Corn Bulb

These bulbs are inexpensive and super easy to maintain. Plus, they have an extensive lifespan and will offer lasting brightness for a long time to come.

36W LED Corn Bulb

These Corn Bulbs perfectly substitute the HID lamps. 36W bulbs are undoubtedly energy-efficient and have a lower replacement cost.

150W LED Corn Bulb

The 150W Corn Bulb makes use of quality LED chips that have the appropriate color rendering index. There is covering on the diodes to offer adequate protection from dust and insects.

120W LED Corn Bulb

The unique shape of this bulb will entice you into purchasing this bulb. It has more units of power in comparison to the 100W LED bulb.

100W LED Corn Bulb

The light emitting diodes are perfectly assembled on the metal structure. These bulbs strong resemble corn kernels and emit a huge amount of light.

80W LED Corn Bulb

Do you want perfect illumination? The 80 W LED Corn Bulb will light up your room in no time. It is compact and easily lasts for a period of about 5 years.

60W LED Corn Bulb

The 60 W bulbs are enclosed in a perfect fixture. The bulbs are safe to use for your industrial and commercial applications also.

30W LED Corn Bulb

30 W LED Corn Bulb: The 30 W LED Corn Bulbs offer the perfect illumination. They can light up your parking lots and streets without a problem.

20W LED Corn Bulb

The 20 W LED Corn Bulb is undoubtedly the perfect replacement for high-output lights. The protective covering on the diodes prevent the light from diminishing over time.


• 7.5 watts • 600 lumens • Efficacy: 80lm/W • ≥25000 Hours life • CRI: ≥80 • Power factor: ≥0.8 • Standard GU10 base • 3 year limited warranty