Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting

Enhance the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your industrial or commercial facility with our cutting-edge Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting solutions. Whether you're looking for powerful 200W LED flood lights or affordable lighting options in Dallas, our wide range of products is designed to meet your specific needs.

We understand the unique lighting requirements of warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces. Our 200W LED flood lights offer exceptional brightness and coverage, ensuring optimal visibility even in the largest areas. These energy-efficient lights consume significantly less power than traditional lighting fixtures, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business. With their long lifespan, you can also minimize maintenance and replacement expenses.

We offer a range of cheap lights Dallas also don't compromise on quality. Our budget-friendly options are carefully selected to provide excellent illumination while keeping your expenses in check. You can trust our cheap lights to deliver reliable performance and durability, making them an ideal choice for commercial establishments, retail stores, and offices in the Dallas area.

Investing in industrial and commercial LED lighting is a smart choice for businesses looking to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and create a safer working environment. With our affordable & Cheap lights Dallas, you can get a wide range of products, including 200W LED flood lights in Dallas, you can illuminate your space with confidence. Explore our selection today and discover the perfect lighting solutions for your industrial or commercial needs.

Why DiscountLED outdoor LED lights?

DiscountLED has been providing the best quality commercial LED lighting for years at discounted prices. We do not compromise over quality and always come up with the best of range. Selecting our store will bring you:

  • Matchless pricing in town
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Give your outdoors some amazing add-ons

Your commercial outdoors requires a makeover that will eventually let the people fall for your place. With our commercial flood light or commercial LED strip, you can achieve that goal. These lights are designed to provide maximum impression to your place.

You can use out outdoor strip lighting for the:

  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Holiday lighting
  • More

There are limitless opportunities for you to add the shades, details and more attraction to your place.

Outdoor & Commercial Products

The outdoor led lights in our collection gives the best brightness and light outdoor. For all the commercial locations, we have business appropriate lights. You can explore the ultimate options in the category to make your commercial space more appealing for the customers.

New Arrivals
  • New Arrivals


LED UFO High Bay Light 240 W: These LED lights boast of a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. You can use them with ease for about 12 hours daily.


If you are keen to illuminate private or public spaces, then UFO lights are your best resort. Additionally, they are water-proof and maintenance-free.

LED Wall Pack Light 120W

The 120 W wall pack light perfectly illuminates the ground area. They add up to the security layer for property owners. Additionally, you can look forward to improved lighting quality with this wall pack light.

LED Wall Pack Light 60W

The 60 W Wall Packs offer increased energy efficiency. The 60 W Wall Pack lights are a worthwhile investment and require minimum maintenance.

LED Canopy Light 150W Flat

Light up your dark and dingy garages with LED Canopy Lights of 150 W. They can get mounted on the canopies with ease without making any holes.


The 150W LED flood lights are energy efficient. The positive part is that these lights will not be a burden on your pocket also.


Nothing beats the 80W LED flood light. They are compact and provide the perfect illumination fit to meet your requirements.


The 200W flood light kickstarts instantly and requires low voltage of 120 to 277V. Additionally, these flood lights are waterproof also.

Area Light | Pole Light | Shoebox Light | Parking Lot Light 300W

These lights are designed to perfection to meet your requirements. They suit your industrial and home requirements. Plus, these parking lot lights have an extensive life of about 50, 000 hours.

Area Light | Pole Light | Shoebox Light | Parking Lot Light 150W

The sophisticated design of the Parking lot light is bound to catch your attention. They are easy to install in the fixture. Plus, the lamps tend to swivel to maximize lighting pattern.

LED Canopy Light 150W Stripe

The 150W LED Canopy Lights are waterproof and can withstand harsh temperature without a problem. The unique design makes them appealing for the eyes.

LED Canopy Light 55W

Are you looking for an eco-friendly lighting option without mercury. The LED Canopy Lights are a sophisticated option. The best part is that they require little or no maintenance.

Glorifying outdoors thematically with commercial LED Lighting

at DiscountLED, we understand the need for perfect outdoor Led lights. The commercial Led lightning makes any place look breath taking, impactful and different. At night, these lights add more mood to the location and gives a perfect outlook to any place.

Considering the importance of these commercial Led strip lights and more, we are offering a wide range of lights for our customers. Focusing on their needs, we have a huge collection of lights that is enough to make you light up any place easily.

What keeps our customers happy?

Other than best pricing and product, we have specialized customer sale services that makes your buying experience smooth with us. We are right there to make your selection, order placement and delivery process hassle free. You will get the product you have selected. On time deliveries makes your day and keep your work going. makes your day and keep your work going.

Our outdoor Led lights are exceptional

DiscountLED is serving the customers for a long time and over the years, we have developed a perfect portfolio for the commercial and outdoor lights. The quality lights we have in stock are durable and offers a wide range of variations to the customers.

Using out outdoor strip lighting, you can transform the outdoor location and add more details to it. Moreover, the outdoor light bulbs are good enough to create a mood of your place. You can play with the shadows, reflections and more.

Everything that you need!

At DiscountLED you can find out the best of outdoor LED lights as per your need. No matter what project you are handling, we have the right stock for you. Browse through the category and using right filters or options, you can end up with the best products in the cart.

If you need help, we are always there to guide you for the best selection. Our purpose is to make buying commercial lights easier for you every time you need them. Grab the best prices, quality lights and limitless options at one place to excel on your lighting project.