Sun has been a great source of light which has made a lot of things easier for people and has made it possible for them to work in daylight. But, humans were wise enough to understand the importance of light at night when everyone waves goodbye to the sun. Light has undergone several modifications, and now the world has numerous types of bulbs and lighting sources. Every place is lit up with differently designed bulbs, and even cars are illuminated with interior light bulbs. But, lighting up the home is much more important because it adds to the beauty of the small castle of everybody.


Here are the following types of bulbs used in homes that one must one about:


  1. Halogen bulb: The high intensity of light makes it a closable option. They are usable because of the quality, light effectiveness, and lifespan it offers. Halogens are the lamp shaped bulb producing intense light. It has been mostly visible at every place because it is one of the common types of bulb. We use in many events yearly like Christmas Day, new year etc.


  1. Xenon Bulb: It is the variant of Halogen bulb but is different in terms of heat. A Standard Halogen bulb produces a lot of heat, but a xenon bulb doesn’t and makes intense white light. They are used in vehicles and have brighter light than any other bulbs. We use in many events yearly like Christmas Day, new year etc.


  1. Fluorescent bulb: less heat with intense white light makes Fluorescent bulbs unique and usable. It is also a cost-effective choice which has made it the first choice of people when it comes to investing in lights. It is another type of bulb that is frequently used by people because of its increased availability. We use in many events yearly like Christmas Day, new year etc.


  1. Light-emitting Diode (LED): It has become an efficient energy-saving bulb. They are available in several colors, and the best part is that they are pocket-friendly and lie within the budget. It consists of diodes that produce the required amount of light. Almost everyone now uses it vastly because it provides bright light by consuming less energy. we can use in many events like Christmas Day, new year etc. We use in many events yearly like Christmas Day, new year etc.


  1. Wifi Bulb: It might sound unreal to have a bulb connected with a smartphone or any device and is controlled by an app, but science and technology have made it possible. One can access bulbs remotely with their phones only. With affordable prices, these are the demand of the new generation.



With numerous innovations, Bulbs have been designed with new technologies and are made more efficient and effective for people. The several types of interior light bulbs have showcased how important it has become to learn about bulbs and which ones should be used. It is essential to consider all the aspects that make a bulb the right choice for a particular place. Investing in any bulb requires knowledge about it because of the crucial role that it plays. Light up your world with the bright bulbs.



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